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Through the Lens of
Helen Sawyer Hogg:
One Woman’s Journey
with the Stars

About Crossfield Publishing Inc.

Ahead of the Curve

Our COVID message to our followers is to honour and respect each other. Find an Independent bookstore near you and rediscover the joy of reading. Most of Crossfield’s books may be ordered directly for us, ordered through a bookstore or library, or from Amazon. These are tough times for the book industry, and we want for Canadian authors, publishers and booksellers to survive.


Crossfield Publishing is based in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. Formerly located in Okotoks, Alberta (2000-2013), we are members of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization, an Ontario-based Canadian-owned group of 48 members.


Our first book Quin Kola: Tom Payne’s Search for Gold by Alice V. Payne, was published in 2000. The author was nominated for the Grant McEwen prize for non-fiction and Crossfield Publishing was nominated for Emerging Publisher of the Year. Since relocating to Ontario, we will have published new 18 titles by the close of 2020.


Ernestine Crossfield, publisher, is author of one full-length book, 2 academic theses, and numerous articles and chapters in other publications. She attended publishing classes at Concordia University in Montreal, and was a member of the Alberta Book Publishers Association and the Tri-Province Publishing Forum. Her academic background is diverse.


Crossfield Publishing’s goal is to produce 5 new titles per year. Our genres are open to discussion, and we strive to stay current and forward-thinking. We publish both fiction and non-fiction, and adhere to our mission of creating well-written, authentic, and truthful books. We are not an academic press; however, our books must contribute to our greater knowledge of a subject and appeal to a wide audience.

We are willing consider promising works that would not likely be published by any of the larger publishing houses. This gives new authors a chance to shine in this very competitive world.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. A brief summary of the work including word count
  2. An excerpt of your choice
  3. Author biography and any previous publishing information
  4. Canadian resident
  5. Intended audience – fiction or non-fiction
  6. Digital submission, prefer this in WORD or as a PDF, but can work in other software.
  7. It should be an error free file (professionally edited)
  8. Double spaced, no formatting. If you have images, please do not embed them.
  9. Author should have at least one social media account

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2269 Road 120, St. Marys, ON, N4X 1C9, Canada








Honouring the Life of Eric Ayalik Okalitana Pelly
A Tides Canada Foundation Charitable Fund


Inviting readers and writers to come together to experience stories
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Incorporated in 1990 and has a current membership of 48 Ontario-based Canadian-owned book publishers.


Celebrates and profiles Ontario’s non-stop literary scene


Together, we can create positive changes in the lives of children, youth and families