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Elijah Lloyd Pretty, My Visual Self Revealed is now in its second printing.

Available from Downhome Life Inc. and from the publisher. Order yours today before the holiday rush.

Crossfield Publishing Is Very Proud To Release Its Latest Book,

My Visual Self Revealed: original paintings and stories from Newfoundland, by Elijah Lloyd Pretty

St. Marys, Ontario, Canada (May 27, 2018)


My Visual Self Revealed is a collection of over 60 original works of art and the stories that inspired them. Embark on a “wonderful grand” journey and discover how growing up in rural Newfoundland gave renowned artist Elijah Lloyd Pretty an entire lifetime of visual inspiration. Between the striking images and vivid tales, readers will gain a rare insight into a bygone era, a unique and beautiful world as well as a supremely talented artist whose paintings and prints are the pride of many collections.


Hockey beneath the Northern Lights, a bull moose in a field of wildflowers, waves crashing on a rugged shoreline: on the surface, Pretty’s Newfoundland is a microcosm of the broader country that Canadians – maritimers and mainlanders, alike – know and love. But delve a little deeper, and the folksy reminiscences and evocative paintings of this insightful artist reveal the charming quirks and delightful peculiarities born of a culture that blends old country grit with a new world sense of adventure. Life on the island was never dull when you were “copying the pans”, “randying on a handcat” or “bally clamming” with your family and friends. By David Laurence Jones, Canadian author








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About Lloyd Pretty

Lloyd was born in Chapel Arm, Newfoundland to a large family. His father, Clarence, worked at a distant lumber camp and wasn’t always home, so the task of providing guidance and teaching often fell to his mother, Lucy.

Even at an early age, art was a major part of Lloyd’s life. With eight other siblings to compete with, money for art supplies wasn’t always available. Recognizing her son’s natural ability to draw, Lucy saved up just enough money to buy young Lloyd Jon Gnagy’s Learn to Draw kit for Christmas in 1956. This gift reinforced her son’s life-long passion.

As an adult living in Montreal, Lloyd continued to hone his craft, resulting in many new creative ventures. His art career took flight when a gallery offered him a small show in Montreal and then in Halifax. With every solo show selling out, he quickly became a sought-after realist.

In addition to teaching art classes independently and at the College of the North Atlantic, his work has sold all over the world, appearing in private and corporate collections. He is currently living in Stephenville, Newfoundland where he continues to paint on a daily basis and produce a small number of limited edition prints.

Available starting June 23, 2018 at Beavercraft, 108 Main St. Stephenville, NL, A2N 1J3



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