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Crossfield Publishing Is Very Proud To Release Its Latest Book,

The Wrong Brother, by Fran L. Porter

St. Marys, Ontario, Canada (Jan. 20, 2019)


The Wrong Brother combines mystery, suspense, drama and a touch of romance that leads the main character (a young university scholar) into a dangerous relationship with an abusive husband and towards “life and death” decisions for herself and her children. It is written with intelligence, insight, and a deep knowledge of the harmful psychological forces that control the players.


A well-written book with interesting characters, from chapter to chapter, author keeps readers guessing.” L.S.C.


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About Fran L. Porter

Fran L. Porter’s second book has taken a very different direction from her first. Proceeds from When the Ship has no Stabilizers (Crossfield, 2014), her account of daughter Colleen’s struggle with a mental illness that culminated in suicide, helped open a treatment clinic and led to Fran and husband Andy’s being named Calgary’s 2017 ‘Philanthropic Family of the Year’. “That was a humbling silver lining to a tale with a tragic end,” says Fran. “In real life, of course, a story’s end is beyond our control. But in fiction, the end can be as emotionally fulfilling as both reader and author desire. And who doesn’t desire an emotionally-fulfilling ending?” Her new romantic suspense novel, The Wrong Brother, takes us on a roller-coaster ride that leaves us dizzy by the time it glides to a breathless stop. Gripping danger and all-consuming love combine in its pages to produce an eminently satisfying conclusion.

Born in Middlesex England and raised in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, Fran L. Porter (B.Ed., M.A.) moved to Alberta with her geologist husband in 1974. She has spent the majority of her working life as a high-school teacher with the Foothills School Division, just south of Calgary. Today, when they are not travelling the world, she and husband Andy still live in suburban Calgary on the edge of beautiful Fish Creek Provincial Park, where they love to say they enjoy a retirement abounding in “the three ‘f’s”: friends, family, and fulfillment.

Distribution: Print copy – currently by the publisher, Official Launch coming soon!



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